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Free Tools For Keyword Research - How To Use free tools for keyword research ?

Today I Provide You 7 Free Tools For Keyword Research For Rank Your Post In Google First Page.

It is important to know what people are looking for and why. Check out these tools to make it easier to target keywords and better understand users.

As important as keyword research is, as keyword research can be, it can be just as complex and stressful if you're initially just about to get it.

Certainly, you have used Google's keyword planner and are satisfied with Google's autonomy. But, honestly, keyword research is scary when you're just starting out.

Entering the keyword research channel is not just overnight. You need to know how people search and what they are looking for before you start thinking about mapping your keywords.

And with over 6 billion searches a day worldwide, how do you know where to start?

It's about finding the deepest, darkest, most secret corners of a user's search intent, searching for the "right things" in a bowl full of "honey."

This is where this article comes in. I am choosing my tools for those who want to improve their SEO repository.

If you're starting out in Square One and don't want to look like you've stumbled upon a keyword in 1997, read on.

What people are looking for.

Where do you find news or trending topics?

There are many great tools that can help SEO marketers understand what people are looking for and why.

They can help answer questions such as:

When should I write an article?

Will this article work well?

Who will read this article?

How do I find these answers?

With some awesome free tools.

Here are 45 of my favorite tools that can help SEO noobs (or really anyone) discover what people are looking for and why.

1- BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is one of my favorite tools because of its content discovery solution. This enables you to search by trending Now titles.

And you can filter 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. Also, you can filter by topic.

So, if the general government hoopla is not something you want to link to your keyword research tool, filter it out.

Or, you can use BuzzSumo, as Kelsey Jones, editor-in-chief Neil Patel, who uses BuzzSumo, says:

"I like to use BuzzMoom because it not only shows me what kind of content is popular on social media, it also shows me what publishers and my clients' competitors are writing. Yes, and I like to be able to sort by date and number of social shares. In my opinion, BuzzSumo is cost-effective for both content marketing and keyword research.

BuzzSumo offers a free version, but you can upgrade to عنوان 99 a month if you want to be alerted to specific topics and all the other items Jones mentions.

2- Semrush


To help you find what people are looking for around a particular topic, just type in your keyword or phrase and watch the magic happen.

Summaries will draw phrase keywords, related keywords, and organic search results.

Hung Nguyen, Small PDF Marketing Manager, Shares:

"My favorite free SEO tool is Seamrush - especially an organic research tool. As a standard SEO tool, you can quickly pop in a URL, and SEMrush shows all the keyword rankings for that one page. However, what makes it unique is the "SERP" option (under the Positions tab), which is available for each keyword. Shot "shows. Not only is it important to track your keyword rankings but also analyze how Google shows your page on the SERPs. For example, you might have a landmark, But the attached image is of a competitor. 

You may be in the top 10. But Google only shows the first eight results. How to view pages, for example, without our brand logo. And that's why this tool is great - you can then go back to the drawing board and clean up your SEO. These can rearrange the fixes.

Lori Wilkins, founder of Call Outdoors, shares:

"Using the Keyword Gap tool allows me to see how my website is ranking against other competitors who are targeting the same keywords. By doing so, I can see those keywords. The ones they are rating I am not so I can focus my efforts on targeting them. This information is very useful in strategizing campaigns and content so keep my website ranked high in the SERPs Can

Additionally, I can use the keyword gap to determine which keywords are advanced but with very little advertising competition. I can take advantage of this by creating an advertising campaign to get more traffic from me. One of the things I like about the tool is that it displays mobile and desktop keyword results. If we're trying to get more rankings for mobile users, we can shift our focus to this information to get better rankings.

Paid users have more features, and the Pro version starts at ڈالر 99 per month. But, you can still use the tool for free while searching for ideas.

3- Ansar was public.

Ansar was public
Ansar was public

Answer Public is another favorite of mine and is relatively new to the scene compared to other tools. It uses Google and Microsoft Bing searches and has a large database that can predict what searchers will ask.

The interface is what makes this tool one of my favorites. Although it is a keyword research tool, it shows a beautiful view of the data.

I had the opportunity to talk with Casie Gillette, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at KoMarketing, to learn about what kind of content people are looking for and why. she said:

"We spend a lot of time looking at search results, looking at the types of content and what the engines are showing. It's hard to understand the intent and identify trends without this information. I also spend a ton of time with (for example, Bloomberry or Reply to the People). I like question-based tools because they surround people where people are talking about specific topics. It gives you a real insight into a niche, and I'm always looking for something new.

Spiral's Chief Marketing Officer, Sean Oldfield, shares:

"My favorite free SEO tool is the public answer. You simply enter a topic of your choice, and this tool returns hundreds of awesome keyword ideas based on what people are looking for. This is especially useful when You're struggling to find long-tail keyword ideas to write on your blog.

Reply Public is free, and you can export the data to a CVS or Excel file.

4- Facebook


Facebook is an accessible free tool for discovering related topics.

Also, a lot of people get their news from Facebook.

Facebook, in itself, is its search engine. In early 2013, Facebook expanded Graph Search to improve keyword research.

5- Twitter


Twitter is another free tool I like to use before creating content.

Twitter's Explore section uses an algorithm to track trends based on your location and who you follow.

You can turn off trends in two steps:

Click Change in your Trends box.

Select the change to add a different place.

If you are focusing on local SEO, changing your position is very helpful.

Ashley Ward, Seamrush's corporate speaker, has an interesting way to use Twitter to find trends. She says:

"When a trending conversation is going on, it has a hashtag attached to it and can be easily found on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. Halfway through, I'll just go to Twitter and Instagram, and a day I will start researching the top-performing hashtags to see what all the hype is about and then follow through on the conversation. Is.

6- YouTube


YouTube is mostly known for its cooking videos and exercise videos, but it also provides a trending video section so you can see what's currently popular on YouTube.

You can also check out the YouTube Trends blog. It takes a look at trends on YouTube and what's happening in the world around us, such as tracking an eclipse.

Once you've identified the trends on YouTube, you can compare topics with your YouTube analytics.

If you can link trending videos to your niche, this gives you the opportunity to add videos with a strong ranking ability on YouTube.

7- Pinterest


In November 2016, Pinterest launched Explore as a feature for Pinterest to discover what is popular on Pinterest.

It uses algorithms to personalize the day based on search trends. You can also browse 30 different topics.

Although Pinterest is designed to offer advertisers more organic options, it's a great tool for capturing content ideas.

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